A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Play as Gotham and his ghost friend Pyro Jackson to defend your lunch! This game was made by Video Game Development Club for our spring 2019 semester project. 

Move with the arrow keys and use various attacks with the A,S,D, F, and Space keys. Standing still will eat your food and lower the timer. Once the timer reaches zero, the level is completed. Defeating enemies will award points that can be used to purchase new moves between levels.

I was the sound team lead for this game.

Main Theme: https://soundcloud.com/raining-sideways/gotham-jack-theme

VGDC: https://vgdc.umn.edu/

Install instructions

For Windows - keep the .exe and .pck files in the same directory


GothamJackWindows.zip 17 MB
Gotham Jack.dmg 36 MB
Gotham Jack.x86_64 30 MB