A downloadable game for Windows

Traverse cyberspace to bring an end to a notorious cyber-terrorist, using sonar-like pulses to reveal the terrain around you. Enemy programs roam the halls, blind to your presence, but they too can detect your sensor pulses. Use speed and cunning to reach your destination at the end of the Heart Drive, and secure victory for your employers. This game was made for the 2017 Global Game Jam, the theme for which was Waves.

Move with the WASD keys, hold Shift to view the map, and press space to send out a burst of particles that can reveal the walls around you. If a burst hits an enemy, they'll start moving to where you were when you set of the burst, shown with a silhouette of your avatar. Strait lines will appear around you if you're up against a wall, and curved lines will appear if an enemy is nearby.

I did the music and level design on this project.

Synthwave Detective Theme: https://soundcloud.com/raining-sideways/synthwave-detective-theme

GGJ: https://globalgamejam.org/2017/games/synthwave-detective


Synthwave Detective.exe 9 MB